Stop (30 mins) Drop off

not available on weekends & event day

L.O.A. boat (price per foot)


Daily rate (8 hours)

not available on Friday, Saturday & event day

Personal Watercraft (price per day)


L.O.A. boat (price per foot)


Price per night – arrival 11:00 a.m. & departure 11:00 a.m. the next day

L.O.A. boat (price per foot)


*L.O.A boat Thursday, Friday , Saturday & event day (price per foot)


Price per week (7 nights)

L.O.A. boat (price per foot)


Price per month

Not currently available

Price per season

L.O.A. boat (price per foot)


Personal Watercraft


Personal Watercraft on floating dock



electric cord and adapter rental

deposit required

boat ramp (member only by appointment)


septic tank (pump out) cost per tank


gas station


Trailer storage for the summer

(limited space)

watercraft trailer


1 axle trailer


2 axle trailer


3 axle trailer


Boat storage in winter/summer

boat on block

on demand

boat on trailer

on demand

Reservations & payment policies (see rules)


It’s best to book early, as places are limited and waiting lists are common at events.

For short stays

*Firework days, F1 race & events

Full payment is requested upon registration. there are no refunds or transfers for reservations on firework days, F1 race & events

Other days

Full payment is requested upon registration. To cancel a reservation, a 24 hour notice (before 11:00 am) is required before the date of the reservation and 75% of the amount will be refunded. A confirmation will be emailed by the staff. No refunds will be applied for cancellations that do not comply with 24 hour notice prior to reservation date.

Provide a deposit of $20 for the magnetic card for visitors

For the season

A deposit of $500(non-refundable) is due upon registration and the balance of payment is due April 15 of each year. No refund and compensation for seasonal space rental. Plan to purchase a magnetic card in the amount of $20 (non-refundable).